Support and Warranty Information

The Original BAG SHAG® is guaranteed from defects to INDIVIDUAL golfers for 5 years under normal use. The Original BAG SHAG® warranty DOES NOT apply to commercial golf ball retrieval operations such as practice ranges, driving ranges, etc.. For operators of practice ranges it is highly recommended you purchase the Bag Shag RANGER which is guaranteed for 1 year.

The Original BAG SHAG® Repair and Return Policy:

If your Original BAG SHAG® fails to pick up or secure golf balls within the first 5 years of use we will send you replacement parts FREE of charge. This applies to the clips and bag/zipper portion of the product. If you believe your Original BAG SHAG® is defective (handle becomes detached, bag falls off of the plates), please email us with a description of the problem and photo showing the defect. If approved, we will send you a new product at no charge.

If you want us to repair the Original BAG SHAG® under warranty, please send to the address below and enclose your return address. We highly recommend sending through the US Postal Service.

Bag Shag RANGER Repair and Return Policy:

Bag Shag RANGER is guaranteed 1 year to practice ranges. Repairs under warranty will be handled 1 of 2 ways.

  • We will send free replacement parts for any problem. Please email us with the problem you are experiencing and your mailing address for the parts. This is the quickest way to resolve any repair issue.
  • We can also repair your RANGERS in house. Please send to the address below. Upon receipt, repairs take approximately 2 weeks to be completed. Parts, labor and one-way shipping will be covered by Madewell Products.

After the 1 year warranty has expired we will send a repair kit for $20 which includes all parts needed to repair Ranger. Tools may be required by the customer which could include depending on the repair a hammer, socket wrench, pop rivet gun or drill.

Our Address:

Madewell Products
263 Clayton St.
Las Vegas, NV 98110

Click here to view instructions on replacing the CLIPS located at the bottom of the tube.

Click here to view instructions on how to replace the CANVAS BAG.

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