DIY Bag Repair

Tools Required: Pliers, socket wrench, new bag (found here) Optional: Needle nose pliers

Step One (remove handle): Turn Bag Shag upside down, open zipper and you will see 2 bolts that connect the handle to the plate. Remove handle by loosening the bolts with the socket wrench and set aside.

Bag Shag Repair Step One Bag Repair

Step Two (remove old bag): Using the pliers, peel back the edge of the bag connected to the outside of the plates or loosen the twisted wire on the inside at each end of the plates. At this point you should be able to remove the bag with a simple tug or two.

Bag Shag Repair Step Two Bag Repair

Step Three (attaching new bag to bottom plate): This part is a little tricky. The bottom plate will still be attached to the tube so you will have to take the ends of the wire and insert them through the small hole in the side of the plate. Then slide your fingers around the edge of the plate, moving the wire inside the bag around the edge of the plate. Then take your pliers and twist the wire on the inside of the bag, you will have to work around the tube and this can be a bit tricky. Give a firm tug to make sure the bag is secure.

Bag Shag Repair Step Three Bag Repair

Step Four (attaching the bag to the top plate): Exactly the same as step three but you will not have to work around the tube. Once completed then reattach the handle and you are finished!

Bag Shag Repair Step Four Bag Repair