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 Clifford Hurd Madewell Founder 1938

Clifford Hurd Madewell Products Founder

Madewell Products was founded in 1938 by Clifford Hurd when he invented and manufactured the Madewell Electro insecticide sprayer. Many years later he sold the patented "coil mechanism" to General Electric who converted the coil into what is now known as the electric burner. GE continues to manufacture the "calrod" coil burner today. The electro sprayer is now being used as a special effects fogger in Hollywood.

In 1948, Mr. Hurd was introduced to Ian McDonald who had a great idea for a "new way of picking up golf balls" and the Original Bag Shag was born. The patent on the Original Bag Shag expired in 1980. Since then we have been in direct competition with other manufactures in the United States and overseas. Currently, the Original Bag Shag is the only retriever of its kind to be manufactured and assembled in the USA. The Bag Shag also has a 10 year guarantee, the longest of any golf ball retriever in the golf industry.

Madewell Products has changed hands over the years. Mr. Hurd's daughter, Vivian Elwood, took over as president in 1962 continuing the entrepreneurial spirit and tradition of excellence which started with the company's inception. In 1982, E. Covington McKnight, Mrs. Elwood's son-in-law, bought the company and expanded the product line even further with his patented invention, the BAG SHAG RANGER.

Over the years, Madewell Products has expanded its product line to include: THE ORIGINAL BAG SHAG®, THE BAG SHAG RANGER®, THE BALSHAG® TUBE, THE GROOVE TUBE® CLUB CLEANING BRUSH and RANGE BAGS.