Tools Required: Drill, hammer, clamp or pop rivet gun, new Set of Replacement Clips (found here) with pop rivets.

We have found that using pop rivets is the easiest way to replace the clips yourself. If you prefer to use aluminum rivets we can supply those as well.

Step One (removal of old clips): Use your drill to drill out the old rivets and the clips should fall right off.

Repair Golf Ball Retriever Bag Shag

Step Two (securing new clips w/pop rivets): Take your clip and lay it over the hole in the shoe so that the holes match up. Insert your pop rivet and pull the trigger. Use a clamp to make the clip lie flush against the shoe.

Golf Ball Pick Up Tool Bag Shag

Step Three (securing new clips using aluminum rivets): Insert the aluminum rivet using 2 fingers, sliding them into the tube so that the rivet pokes out through the hole. Place the clip over the rivet, put the washer on top and hit hard with a hammer. It helps if the tube has been stabilized with a clamp or vise. Repeat as needed for the other clips.

Repair Spring Clip Repair Bag Shag